DentiMax: Dental Practice Management Software

DentiMax is a technology leader provide dental practice management solution that includes a comprehensive set of features to help optimize your practice, and help you shift toward a paperless practice.  Dentimax practice management software tightly integrates with digital x-rays, allowing you to easily view x-rays and treatment plans from the same screen.

The company has been around for over 12 years and as a result, has acquired a substantial, loyal customer base throughout the United States, Canada, Dubai , and many other countries.

A unique feature is that DentiMax offers its own imaging sensors that you can purchase, which are integrated with the software’s charting system. This guarantees that you won’t run into any integration issues that might occur with other imaging sensors, though DentiMax also offers integrations with third-party sensors.

DentiMax offers a separate EHR system, which is a Complete ONC-certified EHR that qualifies users for the Meaningful Use Incentive Program.

In addition to the practice management solution, DentiMax also sells its own X-ray sensors, as well as an ONC-certified EHR software. DentiMax EHR has helped many practices qualify for the Meaningful Use Incentive Program.


Has been on the market for over 12 years, making it one of the most experienced players in the industry

Available as a cloud-based solution as well as a locally hosted/installed option

Full-featured appointment book offers scheduling-focused features, but also links to patient information (ledger, insurance, etc.) and revenue-related data for a comprehensive view of your practice

Image sensors are integrated with patient charts


Local version only supports Windows PCs and tablets, though the Cloud version works for both Macs and PCs

Infrequent software updates (~once every 18 months). This may be a function of having a mature product that has been iterated on for over 12 years


There are different pricing tiers for the software, but the Complete Package (recommended) includes all of the practice management features at a cost of $199/month.

One-time $199 setup fee.

Offers traditional license-based pricing as well, though we recommend the month-to-month pricing.

Free trial.

DentiMax Key Features:

  • Appointment Management
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Claims Management
  • Clinical Charting
  • Imaging
  • Inventory Management
  • Patient Account Management
  • Patient Billing
  • Patient Records Management
  • Treatment Planning
  • Appointment Book / Scheduler

DentiMax Scheduler

DentiMax’s appointment book serves as an avenue to many other parts of the application.It links to each scheduled patient's record, which includes the patient's ledger, insurance information, allergies, appointment history, and more.

A unique feature of DentiMax’s appointment book is that it displays key financial information about scheduled revenue (what you plan to charge that day), posted charges (procedures that have been posted to the ledger but may not have been paid yet), and posted payments (actual cashflow) per day, week, or any other time period.

DentiMax offers two features to help boost patient retention: automatic appointment reminders and waiting lists. Using these features will help reduce no-shows and make sure that your practice has minimal vacancies.

DentiMax Text Reminders

Most recently, DentiMax has added integrated texting to their software. This allows you to automatically text appointment reminders, recall reminders, birthday greetings and even actively send text back and forth with your patients.

Imaging + Proprietary X-ray Sensor

DentiMax manufactures the Dream Sensor, which integrates with the software’s charting module. If you already have an existing imaging solution, DentiMax guarantees that its imaging software will work with any digital sensor on the market, with the exception of Dexis. Regardless of whether you use DentiMax’s Dream Sensor or another imaging sensor, DentiMax’s imaging software is completely integrated with its charting module. After taking X-rays, the system will import all of the patient’s X-rays into their chart, so that you can see all of the X-rays associated with a given tooth upon clicking on the tooth in the chart. The software offers an image enhancement option, which uses an algorithm to bring out the contrast in the X-rays. There’s also a measurement tool, which, for example, enables you to measure a root in a root canal by dragging a line on the image.

Integrated Imaging and Charting


The charting module makes it easy to document all of the patient’s information. The software comes with a set of icons that are linked to the most common patient notes -- which makes for easy note taking.

DentiMax Integrated Charting and Documentation

The software also includes periodontal charting, which enables you to record plaque, mobility, bone loss, furcation grades, bone loss, bleeding, and suppuration information.

DentiMax Perio Charting

The software allows you to copy from a patient's previous exam to populate measurements and modify them as needed. The perio graph is a nice feature that allows you to compare periodontal measurements across different dates, which makes it a great tool for educating patients about their improvement or degradation over time.


DentiMax’s billing module help keep track of the amount of money that you’re owed and helps prevent insurance denials by using quality assurance rules to validate your claims.

The patient ledger maintains a list of all of the procedures performed for all patients and the amount owed. As soon as a procedure is marked completed, it will immediately be transferred over to the patient’s ledger. As you move through the billing process, the software will automatically identify insurance claims (with their corresponding procedures) as ready to bill, billed, and paid.

DentiMax Patient Ledger

DentiMax is capable of sending electronic claims to virtually any clearinghouse, but they have a close partnership with DentalXChange and Apex EDI. Though we recommend electronic claim submissions, you can also choose to print the claims and send them to your clearinghouse.


DentiMax comes with a suite of standardized reports to help you identify opportunities to improve your business. For example, the insurance management reports can help your office understand and manage insurance claims, making sure that you get paid in full and on time.

DentiMax Example Graph

DentiMax Example Report

DentiMax Customer Review:

DentiMax is a comprehensive, fully integrated dental practice management software solution. If you’re looking for a time-tested dental practice management solution, then DentiMax is one of our top choices to consider. Read some real customer reviews here:

Michael Cooley,Dentist | Fashion Isle Smiles Medical Practice

Pros: This software integrates well within any dental practice, allowing the dentist to provide quality care proficiently and professionally.

Cons: Overall, there is very little that I have to complain about our software. Once in a while our server is on the slow side, but not sure if that has to do with our internet or the software itself.

Maria Pereira,Dentist,Glencairn Dental

Pros: Dentimax has several features to make it an efficient dental practice management software. At times, it does seem difficult to figure out certain features but their customer support ( one of their team workers) has been very efficient. With her online training for less than an hour, we were able to fall back on track with the software & continue working in a smooth manner.

Nicole Pollard Johnson ,Manager,Rothman and Kim

Pros: I love the simplicity of the software very user friendly. I've used this software for over eight years and have had the best experience with the Dentimax software and team, from sales to training. We specialize in oral surgery and needed a software that would be used for both dental and medical and they nailed it! We recently purchased the EHR upgrade and the team made sure our transition went smooth and using the new system is simplistic. I greatly recommend this software and team to everyone. Great system, great price and great people!

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